Uprooted trees

Uprooted trees

Digging them up is one thing, getting rid of them is another – unless you choose to grind away uprooted trees, then they disappear on the spot. 

When trees uproot in public areas, there is often a rush to get excavators, cranes, trucks, etc. to the site to remove them and transport waste to a land fill. After violent storms, a lot of uprooted trees are dug up at unnecessarily large expense because people aren’t aware that the stumps can be ground away much more cheaply. Uprooted stumps are often large, sometimes weighing several tons, this makes them difficult to lift and move. In addition, the uprooted trees that are most important to remove quickly are the ones in heavily trafficked public areas where conventional removal methods often cause damage to landscaped areas.

Why not let us grind away the uprooted tree instead? While we can’t promise that our technique will work on all of them, most of them can be ground away, even in tight spaces or where a lot of trees have been uprooted. We have machines for large and small jobs!

Maybe you have uprooted trees after a storm that may be dangerous for people visiting natural parks or using jogging tracks?

Contact us for more information; we can probably solve your problem at a much lower cost than conventional stump removal methods!

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Save Money and the EnvironmentIn addition to saving money on excavators, dumpsters, transportation and land-fill costs, stump grinding offers benefits for the environment as well. This method helps the stump to return to nature as mulch more quickly, and remaining woodchips can be used in flower beds to keep weeds away.