Street & roadways

Street & roadways

Minimal traffic distruption.

Our many years’ experience in grinding near roads guarantees that we know what it involves. Because of our assortment of equipment and large capacity machines we can complete these projects in a short time, for minimal disruption of traffic. We keep costs and driver irritation (and the associated increased risk for accidents) to a minimum, which makes us a favorite for many roadway engineers in Europe.

We have developed our own equipment and tailored it to suit the types of work we do. In practice, this provides our customers with several benefits, for example our ability to move quickly between grinding jobs.

Removing stumps and shrubbery reduces risk of injury during traffic accidents, but it also reduces maintenance costs and the risks to personnel who maintain the roads.

There are a lot of good reasons to remove these types of hinders, that’s why demand for our services has increased so dramatically in recent years.

The fact that we have so many return customers is proof that they appreciate our professional services based on 27 years’ experience!

Save money and the environmentIn addition to saving the costs for excavators, dumpsters, transportation and landfill fees, stump grinding is beneficial to the environment. Our method allows the stump to simply return to nature as compost much more quickly.

Most common services requested by Street & Roadways

Other benefits:

  • Lower maintanence costs
  • Short interruptions and minimal disturbance
  • No landscape restoration costs
  • Less risk of injury to people or damage to machines
  • No land-fill fees
  • Increased traffic safety