Specialty grinding

Specialty grinding

Size and space don´t matter!

Our specialty grinding services often take on odd projects in hard-to-reach spaces.
To help us, we often use our ATV S-14 (see product brochure) and other small machines

Advantages of speciality grinding:

  • We can grind even the largest stumps; the only difference is the amount of time it takes. Our techniques insure that the quality of work is always the same.
  • Deep Grinding is another specialty service we provide (see product brochure). This service is perfect for tight spaces where new trees or bushes need to be planted or, for example, in older cemeteries when more burial space is needed.
  • We are also able to deep grind small stumps with precision in stonepaved areas, saving a lot of time and work for the paving crew both before and after stump removal.

We can remove most stumps no matter where they are, for example, between graves, on hillsides, on ledges, etc. In particularly difficult to reach places, we simply lift our equipment into position using a crane truck.

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Save Money and the EnvironmentIn addition to saving money on excavators, dumpsters, transportation and land-fill costs, stump grinding offers benefits for the environment as well. This method helps the stump to return to nature as mulch more quickly, and remaining woodchips can be used in flower beds to keep weeds away.