Shrub & hedge grinding

Shrub & hedge grinding

Get to the root of wild growth.

There are a lot of good reasons to grind hedges, brush and shrubs. Pulling them up isn’t a good solution since pulling the roots up can cause damage to nearby structures (headstones, edging stones or other plants). Pulling or digging up root systems entails extra expense for restoration of grounds as well as transportation and landfill costs.

Our versatile machines can work in hard-to-reach areas where hedges and shrubs block pathways or collect garbage or cause maintenance to be unnecessarily difficult and expensive.
For larger areas, we have another machine that we designed especially for quick, easy clearage.

There is no reason to carelessly chop down bushes and shrubs to remove them; doing so risks new growth in a few years. Simply contact us for an estimate of what thorough removal of hedges and bushes costs. We can provide several more examples of services within this broad grinding category.

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Save Money and the EnvironmentIn addition to saving money on excavators, dumpsters, transportation and land-fill costs, stump grinding offers benefits for the environment as well. This method helps the stump to return to nature as mulch more quickly, and remaining woodchips can be used in flower beds to keep weeds away.

Other benefits: 

  • Lower maintanence costs
  • Short interruptions and minimal disturbance
  • No landscape restoration costs
  • Less risk of injury to people or damage to machines
  • No land-fill fees
  • Increased traffic safety