How do we calculate our prices?

There are various ways to calculate prices for stump grinding. HasselHolm AB’s pricing method for all of our grinding services is clear and logical both for you as a customer and for us as a contractor. Our prices provide a correct and practical survey of what we do; there are never surprises on the final bill when you deal with HasselHolm.

Clear and easy pricing

The most logical pricing method is to calculate SEK or Euro per cm³ where the area constitutes the size of the stump (radius x radius x 3,14). For practical reasons we divide stumps in to size categories.

(Caption: Normal grind depth)

In addition, the grinding depth makes a difference. We can either grind to a normal depth of approximately 20 to 30 cm, or deep grind for replanting at a depth of 80 to 90 cm. The choice of machine also impacts price: standard machines or smaller ones – ATV Grinder – Specialty Grinding.
Of course, we offer a different rate for large volume grinding.

Hedge & Shrub grinding charges are calculated by the square meter, per project.
All of these parameters must be taken into consideration when we quote a price; with our size and calculation system it’s easy for use to arrive at a price for each individual grinding project.

Price per size interval

In order to have an accurate, practical and clear pricing system, HasselHolm calculates average diameter at ground level per stump. Measurements are taken on site in cooperation with the customer and the largest and smallest measurements/2 determines the average diameter.

Our principles speak for themselves in our size and price system:

  • Clarity
  • Secure & stable pricing
  • Comprehensive
  • Convenient & practical
  • Reasonable & easy to understand