Maintenance grinding

Maintenance grinding

Are you working around the problems?

Maintenance grinding is HasselHolm’s oldest grinding product; we have been improving and developing this technique since the company was founded in 1981.

Maintenance grinding eliminates the risk for damage to machines, reduces clutter and the need to trim around stumps.

This service has two main advantages over other conventional methods for removing stumps:

1. Minimal Damage

Only the area where the stump is needs to be affected when you grind out stumps. This is in contrast to digging, which involves damaging large areas around stumps, grass, asphalt, jogging tracks, roads, etc. Grinding is also performed with specially developed equipment with low ground pressure to further reduce the risk for unnecessary damage to the area around stumps being removed.

2. Lower Total Costs

Grinding is also much cheaper than digging because there is no need for loading, transporting and disposing of stumps at a landfill. The cost for dumping and recycling stumps has increased in many places; stump grinding eliminates that cost.

Many of our clients have small maintenance grinding needs, so we are continually developing new grinding services. Today, we have Deep Grinding, Volume Grinding, Shrub & Hedge Grinding and more.

We also work within a large geographical area that includes the Nordic region and Germany. Our large market base ensures that our services are top-class and that we can offer the best possible alternatives when you need to remove some type of root system.

Save Money and the Environment In addition to saving money on excavators, dumpsters, transportation and land-fill costs, stump grinding offers benefits for the environment as well. This method helps the stump to return to nature as mulch more quickly, and remaining woodchips can be used in flower beds to keep weeds away.