Our machines and towing vehicles are flexible, efficient, modern and eco-friendly.
Our relatively light equipment keeps the load on your landscaped areas to a minimum, which is particularly valuable in parks or on golf courses.
Would you rather send Unimog grinding equipment that weighs 8 – 12 tons out into landscaped grounds or have it stay on the street? How about waiting days for a tractor? Will it show up at all?

Make your own comparison!

EcoGrinder S-11120181120015347

EcoGrinder S-111

  • Grind wheel speed: 1000rpm
  • Max hydraulic pressure: 400bar
  • Range approx. 10m
  • Power: SAE hp (kW) 130 (96)
  • Fuel – diesel
  • Transmission: hydrostat
  • Total weight  8000kg

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Standard Grinder20181120015545

Standard Grinder

  • For use on all surfaces
  • Grind depth: 30-40cm & 80-90cm deep grinding
  • Minimum access width for use: ca 200m
  • Engine power 80-130hkr
  • Hydraulic
  • 4-wheel drive towing vehicle

Approx. 98% of all grind jobs can be done using our standard grinders.

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ATV Grinder S-1420181120015728

ATV Grinder S-14

  • For work on inclines
  • Engine 26kW
  • Hydraulic
  • Turning radius: ~180º from right and left
  • Width 120cm
  • Length 241cm, With grind arm: 375cm
  • Grind depth 100cm
  • Grind arm: max 300cm

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Small grinder20181120015917

Small grinder

  • For use in tight spaces (home landscaping, cemeteries, etc.)
  • Our smallest machine for access in narrow spaces
  • Engine power 18hp
  • Hydraulic

We use this machine in tight spaces, for example in cemeteries between graves or in private gardens.