Golf courses

Golf courses

Green greens without unwanted obstructions.

The last thing you want on a golf course is something that interferes with the game. We can help you remove stumps cost-effectively. Obviously, there is a big difference between a sand trap and a stump since bunkers are planned hazards on the course.

HasselHolm’s machines have the advantage of very low ground pressure, so they cause minimal damage to existing landscaping. Additionally, there is no extra cost for transportation of stumps or landfill fees. Our efficient assortment of machines keeps interruption of your operations to a minimum.

18 holes is plenty

You don’t need another hole, one in your wallet, which is one more good reason to contact HasselHolm to remove your stumps!

Does anyone take pride in stumps?

HasselHolm has long experience contributing to beautifying outdoor environments. We have an extensive assortment of machinery and can remove a variety of vegetation from hedges to stumps. If you wish to replant we can quickly and easily make a planting hole as part of the removal process.

Most common services requested by Golf Courses

Other benefits: 

  • Lower maintanence costs
  • Short interruptions and minimal disturbance
  • No landscape restoration costs
  • Less risk of injury to people or damage to machines
  • No land-fill fees