Deep grinding

Deep grinding/planting holes

From Stump to Planting Hole without Digging

In cities, on avenues, in cemeteries, etc. it is often necessary to maintain placement of trees (for example a beautiful old oak in front of city hall). In Sweden, the county administrative boards require that the structure of cemeteries be preserved; new trees must be planted to replace old ones that are removed.

HasselHolm’s deep grinding service allows you to do that. We simply grind out an 80 – 90 cm deep planting hole while removing the old stump. The planting hole made with our equipment is so large (1X1 meter) that even large new trees can be planted. The area around the planting area is left largely undisturbed compared to digging up the old stump landscaping is quickly restored. In addition, the cost is much lower than digging.

In addition, planting new trees where old ones are removed creates better conditions for the new trees to thrive and is the preferred method of many landscaping experts.

Save Money and the EnvironmentIn addition to saving money on excavators, dumpsters, transportation and land-fill costs, stump grinding offers benefits for the environment as well. This method helps the stump to return to nature as mulch more quickly, and remaining woodchips can be used in flower beds to keep weeds away.