Cemetry administrations

Cemetry administration

Minimal distrubance.

We have developed special methods for stump grinding in cemeteries to fulfill various needs.
Our service is clean and thorough, leaving the least possibility for reestablishment of growth, no deep crevices and no stumps to be transported to a land-fill.

Of course, we are particularly considerate of visitors to the cemetery. Our procedures take very little time – a ½-meter stump is ground down to 30cm below ground in less than 3 minutes. Only woodchips are left behind.

Grinding Is simple, Fast and efficient!

One small pile of Dirt and woodchips
Is all we leave behind!

Many cemeteries have narrow walking paths where ordinary stump grinders can’t drive; we use our specialty grinder ATV S-14; it is self-propelled and works well in difficult to reach areas.

Our special or normal grinders can grind down to 80 centimeter’s depth and our deep grinder can create a planting hole big enough to plant a tree where stumps have been removed. We also grind out root systems from as hedges, shrubs and fallen trees.

Hasselholm offers professional service based on solid experience since 1981!

Save money and the environmentIn addition to saving the costs for excavators, dumpsters, transportation and landfill fees, stump grinding is beneficial to the environment. Our method allows the stump to simply return to nature much more quickly as compost.

Most common services requested by Cemetry Administration

Other benefits: 

  • Lower maintanence costs
  • Short interruptions and minimal   disturbance
  • No landscape restoration costs
  • Less risk of injury to people or damage to machines
  • No land-fill fees