About HasselHolm

Root and Stump Grinding: Specialty Contracting!

Since 1981, HasselHolm AB has established itself by specializing in grinding out stumps and root systems. Our working district covers Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Germany. Our equipment and specialized skills make us Europe’s biggest and foremost grinding contractor; we have return clients from Lofoten in northern Norway to Munich, Germany.

Our base of operations is near Alingsås, Sweden, just north of Gothenburg. From here, we maintain contact with our clients and organize logistics so that our grinding machines arrive when you need us while avoiding unnecessary haulage issues.
In Sweden, call 0322-502 90; international customers can contact us by calling: +46 322 502 90.

Every root or stump problem is different

That is why we have different types of machines for different problems. We develop our machines on an ongoing basis to help us solve root and stump problems more effectively. Our grind-technicians are out working to solve your root problems quickly and professionally.

Stumps can be hazardous – risk factors

Stumps beside roadbeds, near walking & bike paths, park areas, etc. can be a hazard to traffic; uprooted trees are directly dangerous to people or children nearby. We can eliminate these risks easily and practically.

Another problem with stumps is the damage they can cause to machines and equipment. This is a common occurrence after trees are cut down since the stump is often left in place, even forgotten, even though doing so creates an obstruction, extra costs, and can even damage mowing equipment. We can grind out the stump quickly and easily; we can even grind out a re-planting hole at the same time so a new tree can be planted in the space of the old stump if you like.

Considering the above-mentioned risks and problems, there really isn’t any reason to allow old stumps to clutter your otherwise well-tended park areas.

We are the professionals!

HasselHolm AB removes stumps and root systems effectively by grinding them out, no matter where they are. Large or small stumps, many or just a few, we can do the job.

Inventory your stumps now!

Stump grinding is a much cheaper alternative to conventional digging with excavators, which often requires storage, transportation to landfills and the cost involved there, as well as waste or environmental taxes. Because of our equipment and experience, grinding is much quicker, too.

Try us once – you’ll be convinced!