You can´t dig stumps away!

HasselHolm has solutions for all construction and contracting work, big jobs or small, anywhere there is vegetation. We simply grind out the stumps and root systems instead of digging them out, practically eliminating the risk of causing ground settling. Also, as stated above, you can’t dig stumps away – you can dig them up – but then you have to carry them away and that costs money too. In most Swedish municipalities, the landfill charge is approximately 1000 SEK/ ton; many places in Europe, the cost is 3000 SEK/ton or about 300 – 900 SEK per 50cm stump. Additionally, by contracting HasselHolm, you save time and gain practical, cost-effective, eco-friendly solutions!  

We have nationwide logistical coverage and can take on larger projects (preparation of land for new production of buildings, including grinding away stumps after trees have been cut so that the land can be cleared). We have developed a machine especially for extensive grinding services, the EcoGrinder.

Remember: If you dig up the stump, it’s not gone until it has been carried away and disposed of.

Save money and the environment
In addition to saving the costs for excavators, dumpsters, transportation and landfill, stump grinding is beneficial to the environment. Our method allows the stump to simply return to nature much more quickly as compost.
Construction and contractors

Other HasselHolm benefits:
• Verifiably faster ground preparation
• Less risk for damage to machines
   or injured workers
• No land-fill costs
• Less risk for ground settling
• Increased road safety

Most common services requested
by Construction & Contractors
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