What a well-kept property!

We’ve all been impressed by the beauty of places we’ve seen. That’s not strange considering our vision is one of our strongest senses. When we see beautiful things we often react positively. In addition, we all want to feel proud of our possessions, our homes, cars and where we live. More and more people are realizing the importance of a well-kept outdoor environment; this can be particularly important if you wish to preserve your cultural heritage as well. In certain cases, there can EU-funding for some types of projects.

Our services are simply a natural part of property management, including preserving representative, authentic outdoor environments. We have equipment for larger stumps, which are a common occurrence on older properties; the largest we have removed to date was over 5 meters in diameter.

We are experts in our industry with a long tradition of contributing to the beautification of larger properties.
Additionally, because our machines have particularly low ground pressure, they cause less damage to surrounding landscaping. Contact us for anything from maintenance or shrub grinding to restoration of tree-lined avenues.  

Does anyone take pride in stumps?

HasselHolm has long experience contributing to beautifying outdoor environments. We have an extensive assortment of machinery and can remove a variety of vegetation from hedges to stumps. If you wish to replant we can quickly and easily make a planting hole as part of the removal process.

Estates and farms

Other benefits:
• Lower maintanence costs
• Short interruptions and minimal   disturbance
• No landscape restoration costs
• Less risk of injury to people or
   damage to machines
• No land-fill fees

Most common services requested
by Estates and Farms
Maintenance Grinding thumb thumb thumb
Deep Grinding   thumb thumb
Specialty Grinding     thumb
Shrub & Hedge Grinding   thumb thumb
Large volume Grinding     thumb
Uprooted Trees     thumb
Very common thumb thumb thumb
Relatively common   thumb thumb
Less common     thumb