6 Good reasons to grind away stumps

Nr1 Cheaper
Digging up stumps and disposing of them is much more costly
due to contracting costs, transportation and land-fill charges.
Nr2 Ecofriendly
Grinding allows the stump to return to nature as compost more quickly; the chips from the stump can also be used as mulch in
flower beds or around trees to keep weeds away.
Nr3 Less Damage to Machines
In summer, mowers can be damaged on stumps hidden by tall grass, especially if seasonal workers don’t know where the stumps are. In winter, snowplows risk damage from snow-covered stumps.
Nr4 Reduced Risk of Injury
Unfortunately, machines aren’t the only things at risk from driving over hidden stumps – personnel can be injured as well.
Nr5 Lower Maintanence Costs
Why should personnel continually waste time skirting the problem, the stumps, when it is so easy to remove the problem completely?
Nr6 More Beautiful
We haven’t met anyone who thinks that stumps are decoration for the environment, but our technicians often hear positive comments from people who pass by the areas we beautify.